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As drone technology has steadily become more user-friendly and affordable, the standard of using aerial footage in marketing has solidified itself. Today, it’s now a question of the style and composition of work. Flylisted operators take great pride in the quality of work, and with our background in photo/film, we don’t sacrifice these basic components of photography and video for anything. The quality of what we deliver is what our business strives on, so we take it seriously. Setting aside th

The way technology is still changing the movie culture

"Black Mirror" is a British TV series with a massive following. The first season aired back in 2011, and we are now waiting for the third season to begin. Each season consists of three longer episodes with a different concept in each episode. The actors and characters change in every single episode as well. So you might ask: "How is this a coherent TV Show?" The answer is simple: The concept of each story is similar. That doesn't mean it is predictable. It is actually quite unpredictable. The p